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At SunDrop Solar Trailers, we believe the journey is the destination. That’s why our hand-built, teardrop trailers are ready to use, with everything you need for your journey, however long or short it may be. Each self-contained, solar-powered, eco-friendly and ultra-light recreational travel trailer is built with love and attention to detail. We take great pride in our teardrop campers and consider them our children. We’re happy to send them out into the world with you!

Note: This website is currently under construction, so some elements may be missing. If you need any assistance, please contact us. You can visit our older website as well by clicking here.

Our love of traveling, cooking and eating inspired us to create SunDrop teardrop travel trailers, along with our passion for green-building techniques and alternative energy. SunDrop Solar Trailers are designed to make any journey easy, comfortable and fun. With a SunDrop Solar Trailer, wherever you pull over is home. Happy traveling from our family to yours.

Take a look at some of the SunDrop's unique features:

Solar Powered

Never have to be without electricity again!!!  Each SunDrop Solar Trailer is actually a solar powered generation station with a custom built expandable photo voltaic system including deep cycle storage batteries for storage. Not only will they charge anything from phones to your car battery, they produce their own pure sine wave 120V AC power and can act as a back up solar generator for your home in case of power outage.

Built-in Kitchen

Each SunDrop Solar Trailer model (except the SunDrop “Lite”) includes a full galley/kitchen with a gas stove, sink and 12 gallons of on board water storage, plenty of lighting and generous custom built cabinetry/ drawers for storage.  You can add an optional solar powered refrigerator/freezer when you order or just add later, it is already pre-wired.


SunDrop Solar Trailers are beautiful on the outside and incredibly efficient and comfortable on the inside.  We took the perfect shape of the tried and true teardrop design and applied today’s green and healthy building techniques, each camper is eco-friendly, mold resistant and completely self contained with special attention paid to indoor air-quality.

Hand Crafted

Each SunDrop Solar Trailer is individually handcrafted, it’s a work of art, using high quality re-purposed antique lumber for cabinets and trim.  We use only low VOC and mildew-resistant sustainable components of every trailer.  Our diligent and detailed-oriented design and crafting process results in high-quality, long lasting, healthy and ergonomic trailers.

About Us

SunDrop Solar Trailers is a family owned business located in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. We draw inspiration from our love of these mountains and hope in some small way that our day to day practices will help sustain them and the rest of this most awesome land.

Trailer Models

We currently offer two models.  The Big SunDrop (or the Prairie Schooner) and the Little SunDrop (or the Sun Droplet),  we are developing a new model that is 5 x 10 like the Big SunDrop but has scaled down features for the more budget minded folks. It will be available by early next spring.


Even though SunDrops come nicely appointed you can trick out your SunDrop with some really cool extras.  All can be added now or later. Keep in touch as we will be adding other items on a regular basis.