Upgrade and enhance your SunDrop with a variety of options, including custom energy star metal colors, more solar power and custom entertainment centers.


$175.00…… Add a little bit more 120 volt/ AC conditioned sine wave power with a 1500 watt inverter. Contact us for larger systems, we will custom build for your specific needs.

BSD-Rack-Panels (1)

$375.00 (each)…… Add up to 3 more 150W solar panels. SunDrops come standard with a single 150W panel, with one extra panel you still have room for the cargo carrier and 2 bike racks, up to 4 panels will fit.  We will custom orient the panels to you needs according to what other accessories you choose.  We can even add kayak racks or fishing rod cases.

$175.00 each…… SunDrops come standard with a single 225 amp hour deep cycle battery.  You can add up to 3 more, we have found that in most cases one extra is optimal, more then that starts to add unwanted weight.  (They weigh apx 75lbs each)  However if you are mainly interested in the solar capabilities of SunDrops we will be happy to design it how you want it.


$299.00….. SunDrops (except SunDrop Lite) come standard with a Bluetooth enabled AM/FM CD player with speakers in the cabin and kitchen/galley.  Add a premium DVD player in the cabin for “chillin” out to a movie after a long day of adventures or during inclement weather.


$210.00…… Maximize your DVD experience by adding a screen in the kitchen/galley.  It extends what you are watching in the cabin to the galley area.  We have found the pop up hatch serves as the not only the galley but the living room (and bath room).  Great for extended trips.

$110.00 each…… Add bike racks to the roof rack.  SunDrops will hold up to 4 bike racks,  two with the cargo rack added. We regularly carry kayaks on the roof of the car and bikes on the SunDrop, bring along a trailer hitch receiver bike rack to use after you set up camp to be completely mobile with your bikes.


$224.00…… Optimize your equipment storage with a cargo carrier.  A great place to store camping equipment that doesn’t mind being wet or gear in dry bags.  This item really helps reduce “car clutter creep”.


$79.00 each…… Grab bars are extremely versatile for as tie downs, towel racks or moving around the trailer when not attached to the tow vehicle. We suggest one on the front and one on the rear, however we can add them wherever you want.


$319.00…… Made by the Australian company ARB, these awnings pull out and set up in minutes and are extremely durable and water proof.  You can put one of each side, we suggest at least one on the right side. A walled awning room or screen enclosure will then hang underneath.  For the ultimate setup you could have an awning room on one side and a screen room on the other.  Great for extended stays.


$859.00….. If you plan on extended trekking or boondocking this is a wonderful addition and it runs off the solar power.  Not only can you fit lots more food in the same space as a cooler… no more messing with buying and dumping ice (not to mention having ice cream).  *We suggest you add an extra solar panel and battery if you choose this accessory.

$110.00….. Just a little added security on the road. We have logged over 20,000 miles without needing one but we are still bound to need one someday.


$180.00…..  A great addition to your hideaway awning, Also made by ARB, these are super tough and a must in buggy areas.  They hang under the awning and set up very quickly.  It’s great to be able to roll them up in the dry under the awning when it’s raining.


$210.00…..  Another great addition for the hideaway awning, it extends the cabin area into a standup, walled room with windows, a floor and it’s own door.  Also made by ARB this is way tougher and more water proof then a standard tent.  It hangs under the awning and is a snap to set up.