Each SunDrop comes with a custom built all aluminum frame and roof rack for holding solar panels and equipment.  The light weight, aerodynamic design can be towed by most vehicles, regardless of size (installed trailer hitch required).  The trailers “draft” behind the tow vehicle resulting in a minimal effect on fuel economy and wear and tear on the engine, transmission and brakes.                                       *We offer 80% financing to qualified buyers for up to 7 years*

$14,500.      (a prairie schooner)  5′ x 10′.   Extra room for gear, expanded kitchen and a queen sized bed make the Big SunDrop perfect for extended trips and cross-country trekking.        Weight…. apx 1400 lbs depending on accessories.

$11,900     (a sun droplet)  Our 4 x 10 model is the original design.  It’s narrowed width makes it ideal for “drafting” behind compact cars. Sporting a full sized bed in the cabin and kitchen/galley it will still handle all the accessories we offer and is very comfortable with less weight, wind resistance and cost.            Weight…. Apx 1200 lbs depending on accessories.

Back to the drawing board.  Our SunDrop Lite will be ready for sale by early next spring and is a scaled down version of the Big SunDrop. It will still support all of the accessories we offer but with a more open floor plan with a single enty door and windows.  Still Green and Healthy built and of course solar powered with the aluminum roof rack it will have a queen sized bed, two 5 ft child sized bunks/ storage shelves but weigh less and cost less. We are planing a portable optional kitchen system that stores in the trailer but sets up outside.   Stay tuned to our facebook pages for sneak peaks!